2013 is the year to ditch that bullshit story that lies between you and your dreams.

2013 is the year to set your aim on that crazy idea you’ve always had, break down the path into small steps, and DO IT.

2013 is the year to set your priorities straight. Only that will lead to real happiness. Everything gets messed up without the right priorities.

2013 is the year to relate. To tell and show yourself, your family, and your loved ones that you love them. Strong beings build strong relationships build strong families build strong communities. This is where we thrive as beings. It’s a virtuous circle.

2013 is the year to whip your ass in shape. Your habits are the average of the six people you spend the most time with. Think about that. If you’re a Facebook user, you can like, right now, a bunch of health pages that will inject some vitality into your feed and help you keep your gaze on useful places. Such as




There are TONS of pages on fitness too, my feed helps keep me moving every day. The bottom line: no one else can do it for you. But you can get help.

2013 is the year to get rid of the shit you don’t need.

2013 is the year to clean up your information sources. The mainstream media’s main sources are privately owned by a very small group, and the result is socially engineered propaganda. It’s time to wean off the consensus trance. As Mark Twain said, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” And reality was much, much less manufactured in his days, due to the lesser reach and influence of media.

2013 is the year to research and understand The New World Order which is, really, a progressive privatization and enslavement of the world through incremental steps that seem logical if you follow the mainstream’s reading of events. As we are kept is a fluffy, comfy, sexy, exciting state of hypnosis, our world is being stolen from us, little bit by little bit. The elected governments truthfully have little to say in the process. Here are a few good resources to start.



Here are their Facebook pages, plus another:




2013 is the year to understand that the monetary system will keep you, and everybody else, enslaved until enough people wake up to the fact that if the very creation of money has become a writing of IOU’s with interest to the few. It’s a system of perpetual and exponential economic slavery that will stand as long as people are too lazy to understand it. This twelve year old does:


This is a great little animation on bailouts, and money as debt:


2013 is the year to commit. If you want to play beautiful music, you can’t play all the notes at once, nor wait for the notes to play themselves. You have to be silent, listen to inspiration in the stillness, and lay out the notes. By picking one, you’re excluding many others. This applies to all of life.

2013 is the year to focus. From time to time as the day advances, look at what you’re doing. Is this the best possible thing you could be doing for yourself right now? If not, switch.

If you work at the computer, try quitting your browser and email for hours on end. Observe the quality of concentration that builds over time. It’s exactly like sleep: if you’re distracted every so often, you’ll have to start again and again and never enter the deep sleep that is truly beneficial.

2013 is the year to realize that it’s an amazing privilege to be alive, that you fought endless battles to get here and now, and that it’s a gift not to be wasted. Some people say “I didn’t choose to be born”. That is BULLSHIT.

Whatever your belief system may be, the fact is that SOMETHING, in that one spermatozoa amongst the billions that your father produced, fought tooth and nail to get into that one ovum among the hundreds that your mother produced out of her millions of follicles, and combined with it and worked with it to build this one totally new and unique expression of life. And that something, whatever you may call it, is what you really are. An unstoppable, adaptable, incredible pulsation of energy emerging from the deepest bowels if the Universe.

Whatever shitty childhood you may have had, whatever crooked path your life may have taken, the amount of additional energy expended by yourself, by your parents or the people who raised you, the amount of sunlight, of oxygen, of water, of food, of plants and animals who have given their life to get you here is simply mind-boggling. You are sitting in a miracle of precision called your body, the sum product of an incalculable amount of sacrifices. Countless processes are going on at this very moment, fighting to keep you alive, and to make you thrive if you are willing to work with them. You are fucking LUCKY.

2013 is the year to realize this. And enjoy every sweet, life-affirming, song-inducing breath.

You have never been as wise as you are now, and you will never be as young as you are now. I’d say that’s a good place to start going for the gold.

2013 is the year to be awesome.

2013 is the year to BE.

Now go out there and kick some ass.



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